1. Become a Volunteer

You can take lead to create a team of volunteers with you and make sure that you can conduct a blood donor registration activity at regular intervals, so that people joining newly can also be made aware of this initiative and can register.

Find no of donors in your city


2. Put a small stall

Put a small stall in front of your office or housing society and do online registration.


3. Stick the information on the notice board

You can stick the information on the notice board about online registration. Sample design available. Please download and use it.

Click Here to Download


4. Refer a friend

If your organisation (work place or school / College) has some volunteer mailing list then you can post a message to such lists.

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5. Send SMS

Send SMS given below to contacts in your phone.

*Saving Lives, It’s in our blood. To register as blood donor visit or give missed call on 09377 999 800

*You dont have to be doctor to save lives, just donate blood. Register today! or give missed call on 09377 999 800

*Help Save a Life+ , Give the gift of blood. Register yourself as a blood donor or missed call 09377 999 800

*You can Save 3 lives with one unit of your Blood. Join Blood Donors Club. or missed call 09377 999 800



6. Organise blood group detection camp

Help many people to know their blood group and help them to register as a blood donor.


7. Make a donation

We earnestly appeal to individuals, corporates, clubs, business owners and funding agencies to donate generously to help us achieve our goal.

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