Many times, lives are lost due to shortage of blood. In emergencies it is very difficult to find the right donor with the matching blood group. Blood donation is a supreme service to humanity as it saves precious lives.

Details about #slichallenge:

1) Register yourself as blood donor on website

2) Login to website and click button “Add Friends” and register 5 friends as voluntary blood donors under your network.

3) Once you register first 5 blood donors, you will receive image through mail, which you have to print.

4) Use your phone camera and take a selfie holding the printout.

5) Post picture using hashtag #slichallenge on Face book, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social media. Make sure you tag the 5 people who you registered. Get maximum likes for your picture.

6) Now, challenge those people to register minimum 5 people in a week’s time.

In this challenge you will get an opportunity to save lives by donating blood and also give an opportunity to others to donate blood to people in need.

We can thus build the biggest network of blood donors across India so that no one suffers due to non availability of blood.

Enjoy the challenge – serve society.