"A Proud Donor"

My name is Sandesh Naik, Government servant from Cuncolim, Goa. On receiving call from unknown needy person, I rushed to nearby hospital and donated Blood to 6 year old baby Tamanna for her heart surgery. Thank you Art of Living - Save Life India Team for launching such needful website and for giving me opportunity for saving life. I request all youth to come forward and be part of this Nobel cause.

Sandesh Naik

"‘Save Life India’ - A Noble Project"

My name is A. K. Srivastav, my daughter Unnati is 18 years old. She is suffering from genetic disorder disease called thalassemia.

People who don’t know about thalassemia, I would like to tell them it is blood disorder in which patients need blood very regularly. Every time she requires 2 units of blood after every 21 days. Survival of my daughter was almost impossible if blood donors were not available. Like this there are thousands of patients in India who need blood regularly. Searching for blood donor every time was very difficult. Through the website it became very convenient. This website is like lifeline for me.

From my heart I thank ‘Save Life India’ team for initiating such noble project. I will give my full support and cooperation for this project.”

A. K. Srivastav (Reliance life insurance- Development manager)

"Thanks Save life India"

I am Amin Shaikh, my friend Danu Shaikh was in urgent need of blood AB+ in GMC Hospital Bambolim, Goa for his operation. I contacted Save Life India Team, Goa. I got quick response from them and found very helpful. Thanks Save life India.

Amin Shaikh

"Website that saves a life"

Few months back I met with very dangerous road accident , I was immediately admitted in hospital. For surgery blood was needed. Required blood was not available in blood bank. Doctors told to arrange blood immediately. My family and close friends started searching for suitable blood donor and no donor was available. Situation became panic. Soon one of volunteer of 'Save Life India' suggested a website . They search and contacted donor. Donor soon came and donated blood . Surgery was successful and My life is saved.

Brijesh Kakodkar
Phone : | Email:

"Thanks for all your help from Save Life India Team"

Thanks SLI team for all your help. Mr. Alemao is responding very well, and there are positive signs of recovery, Thanks to you all. I have told a lot of people of the help you are provided, may god bless u all and bring lots of smiles to you all.

Sameera D'costa
Phone : http://9764960225 | Email:

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